AART vision is to ensure the author focuses on authoring the report rather than collating information from various sources. AART is a robust workflow management system. Annual document calendar maintained on this system ensures projects management with timely automatic email notifications as the project kick-off date starts. AART allows sections wise assignment of the document by the lead author to individual departments. Version control and compare, auto- generation of narratives in aggregate analysis in Section 15 & 16 is integrated in AART. Comments from multi-reviewers can be independently maintained and addressed to ensure document quality. Quality control checklist can be attached to each document for a robust quality analysis.

Key Features

  • Annual document calendar maintained automatically with email alerts.
  • Multi-level reviewer assignment of documents.
  • Auto generation of document in word format with control and compare versions.
  • Auto email notification to stakeholders
  • QMS integrated to maintain document quality.
  • Collation of comments from reviewers.
  • Auto generation of aggregate analysis narrative for section 15 & 16

Value Proposition

  • Time utilized to collate information and structure report reduced by at least 50%
  • Auto email notifications with robust workflow management ensures author focuses on writing report
  • Assisted auto grouping of case series ensures section 15 & 16 completed in record time
  • Comments from various reviewers auto checked

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