iQC is an automated metrics-cum-feedback tool in which entire PV team has their job role related access. Each ICSR processed is checked in iQC on real-time basis. iQC contains checklists for ICSRs on all data fields same as any safety database, programmed to distribute relevant feedback to the concerned workflow owner based on their functional responsibilities. iQC is also programmed to calculate the case and field level error percentages apart from calculating internal and external ICSR compliance. iQC not only gives the live data on ICSR quality and compliance, it also stores the past and archives the historic data to study the trend analysis in quality and compliance. The data is downloadable in pdf and excel formats with different dates and ordinates. iQC can also be used to track individual productivity of end users.

Key Features

  • A multipurpose and intelligent tool which converts a single input to multilevel outputs with visualization
  • Single tool for visualizing and presenting Quality, Compliance & Productivity at all workflow levels
  • A live feedback distribution system for all workflow levels
  • Quick RCA process, due to easy access to Quality & Compliance data of any particular ICSR
  • A back-up “data archival tool” for the main database
  • Quick access to Quality, Compliance & Productivity of any given date range / date for any workflow until the individual level

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