iTAKE is a Automated Data entry solution, which automates the intake of data into Safety database, capable of extracting information from PDF, Scanned Documents, Images, Word, Email(.msg) and Text Format. iTAKE allows the user to confirm information extracted, upon which an XML can be directly generated with narrative to be uploaded into any safety system. iTAKE not only speedily ensures automatic data entry, also completes case processing up to the quality check state automatically.

Key Features

  • Uses OCR technology to extract information
  • iTAKE can process PDF, Scanned, Images, Word, Email(.msg) and Text Format
  • Checks validity of Cases & Auto-listedness
  • Recognizes unlisted high impact events from DME list & notifies the end user
  • Automatic XML generation to upload case directly into safety systems

Value Proposition

  • Automated case entry up to QC of Case management
  • Time saved by at least 60% - Compliance ensured
  • R2/R3 XML generation to auto process into any Safety database
  • Data entry resource allocation towards QC only
  • Auto listedness & early Signal detection ensured at Case entry level

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