LIT-MART accesses literature from predefined databases using optimal search strings to monitor ICSR and Signals. The search outputs will ensure the duplicate literature articles from both search strings are eliminated and logged. LIT-MART is delivered in SaaS model with automatic patching updates through our automated process, which enables user to access the most current version, without incurring the costs, validation or regression. LIT-MART increases the operational efficiency of PV literature team.

Key Features

  • LIT-MART accesses literature articles from predefined database.
  • Robust search strings with high precision and low recall for both ICSR identification and Signal detection
  • Duplicate abstracts will be eliminated from the search.
  • Automation for Literature management is customized
  • Inspection ready Audit Trail

Value Proposition

  • Average time spent on literature review is saved by at least 60%
  • Inspection and Audit ready
  • Duplicate literature articles identified and archived, thus saving time
  • Literature review of most relevant articles only
  • Robust search strings for ICSR and Signal monitoring

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