Signal Management System is a robust and scientific methodology to detect signals by using Ancla’s innovative solutions. Machine learning component has been introduced to generate predictive statements using Natural Language Processing or Grouping. SIMA integrates all the various sources or signal detection by products. Apart from a central dashboard showing all signals from all sources, a product level dashboard is also present to ensure product level safety information is just a click away. These dashboards have intuitive and interactive graphics and visualization making the signal management process a pleasurable experience. Auto narrative generated by the tool to help in causality assessment. MAI-Signal is delivered is SAAS model. Automatic patching updates through our automated process enables user to use the most current version, without incurring the costs of validation or regression.

Key Features

  • Auto generation of aggregate analysis narrative for signal validation.
  • Audit trail for inspection readiness.
  • Drill down visual analytics for speedy decision making
  • Health authority database(FAERS/Health Canada/TGA) access for informed decisions
  • Workflow of signal escalation designed by incorporating timelines and assigned.

Value Proposition

  • Signal detection sources (External & Internal) integrated by product
  • Time utilized in signal validation reduced by at least 70% by machine, assisted aggregate causality assessment
  • Timelines for compliance auto updated according to signal management SOP
  • Signal evaluation report auto assigned and auto generated
  • Total time saving for detection to evalute reduces by at least 60%

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