L2A Extractor has been designed to fulfill new Eudravigilance System for an MAH’s levels of access specifically L2A. This requires the MAH to access and download data for their active substance with the exclusion of their own data, screen through hundreds of XMLs weekly, evaluate them for their company products usually with 5% to 40% applicability and process the applicable XMLs to ICSRs in their safety databases. L2A Extractor imports unlimited number of XMLs, filters them as per company’s product list or any other customizable filters, triages and exports the XMLs to R2 / R3 formats. The L2A extracted XMLs if integrated to the company’s database are ready for import and the L2A extractor takes care of intake, triage and data entry workflows

Key Features / Value Proposition

  • Being compliant to new Eudravigilance system, L2A extractor automatically import unlimited number of XML’s, filters based on Product list, triages and exports to R2 & R3.
  • Customizable to take care of intake, triage and data entry workflows

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