Pharmacovigilance Agreement Automated Tool

PAT is an automation tool which caters to overcome the operational challenges that may arise while developing PV agreements. PAT will save time, efforts and costs by ensuring redundancies do not exist in the PV agreement universe. Ancla has designed PAT to adapt to any robust workflow management based on various working conventions and standard operating procedures.

Key Features

  • Partner Management
  • Access Controls (ACL)
  • Automated draft version agreement generation, efficient approval cycle for document finalization and release for execution
  • Dashboard for quick overview
  • Product-Partner Management
  • Audit Trail system
  • Automated Email notification to company & partner reminding the expire date of the agreement
  • Automated Email Notification to company & Partner on status of Exchange of cases

Value Proposition

  • Efficiency improvement by at least 60% with regards to Time,
    Resource & Cost
  • Licensed partner limited access provided for information gathering
  • Limited use of Keyboard to generate PV agreements & Reports
  • Automated Email notifications for Time management
  • Single resource to manage up to 200 License partners
  • Inspection and Audit ready, everyday every time

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